Frequently Asked Questions

I’m struggling with trading around my day job and although I have a strategy, I’m not confident in it. I never know when trade setups will occur. I need a process to follow so that I can gain consistency. Can you help?

Absolutely. My strategies are perfect for those with day jobs as the DAX and GBPUSD setups typically occur between UK 07:00 and UK 08:00. When we’ve executed, as the strategies are mechanical you’re then free to walk away, heading to work without any worry.

There’s also no trade-management required which means you’ll finally know exactly when to be at the screen and won’t ever miss a trade again, decreasing stress and increasing consistency instantly.

I have a strategy but I’m not sure it really works. I’ve made some money here and there but I feel like my luck will run out soon.

I have no structure, no plan and no statistics to back up it’s performance and thus no confidence to execute, even when trades set up. Can you help?

It’s a common problem faced by many new traders; They may have a strategy in-place but they have no plan, no performance metrics, no statistical proof that the strategy provides edge and this means that overall they lack confidence, and confidence is critical.

If you’re lacking confidence you’re in trouble before you’ve even began, and this is before the inevitable losses that are to come if you’re trading a strategy that doesn’t work. In this situation you’re left guessing and ‘hoping’ that your strategy might work rather than knowing for sure that it does. In this situation you’re simply gambling, and we all know what happens to people who gamble… They lose all of their money.

This is exactly the problem that my strategies solve. When you join me in trading them you’ll not only receive in-detail strategy guides that explain how and why they work, you’ll also receive my trade record showing every single trade provided by all four of the strategies as black and white proof of performance. These will allow you to look back and re-run all of the trades that each strategy has provided first-hand, showing exactly how profitable each strategy is in real-time. 

With this proof in-hand , you’ll finally be able to trade with confidence from the off, again, solving the above problem entirely.

I was taught a strategy that works based on technical analysis, but I’ve realised that everyone applies this differently;

Everyone draws support and resistance zones in different places, everyone uses different timeframes, everyone draws trend-lines in different places… I’m completely lost. Can you help?

I’ve been there and I know first-hand how much of a nightmare it is to have to rely on hope without any structure in-place. If you’re relying on best-guesses and ‘reading’ the market – Without years and years of chart-time behind you at a minimum – Again, you’re simply gambling and blindly hoping that you’ll achieve profitability.

My strategies solve this problem as they’re built around a set of rules which remove the need to guess, predict or ‘read’ the market entirely.

These rules are proven via black and white statistics and because of this each strategy is proven to provide a consistently profitable source of edge that you can implement immediately. All you’ll be doing each day is following this proven set of rules, much like myself and all of the other traders I’ve worked with do, and their results speak for themselves.

I’ve been making all of the usual mistakes i.e. Moving my stop-loss around mid-trade, not letting trades reach target, scaling out profit with no real reason why. All in all, I’m falling prey to letting emotion rule my trading. Can you help?

Absolutely, and these are the exact issues that mechanical strategies remove entirely. By trading a mechanical, rule-based strategy, emotion is removed and you’ll know exactly what to do and exactly when to do it, meaning no more guessing, no more predicting and no more needing to ‘read’ the market ever again.

In addition to this, via the supporting statistics that you’ll receive alongside the detailed strategy guide, you’ll be able to re-run past trades-taken, seeing each edge play out in realtime, which will instil the confidence needed to run trades to target. Due to this, you’ll never feel the need to tamper with a trade ever again, thus removing self-sabotaging entirely.

I’m thinking of joining you in trading your strategies, but before I decide which ones are right for me, could you share more detailed info on them for me?

Absolutely; Of the four strategies, there are two day-edges, these being the DAX and GBPUSD strategies, and two swing-edges, these being the Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar strategy and the D1 Swing strategy.

We trade the day-edges each morning following the UK 07:00 open. In most cases, we’ve executed and walked away – Truly a mechanical, hands-off approach to the markets – Within thirty to sixty minutes or so, although in rare cases the setups do take slightly longer to present themselves, forming closer to approx. UK 08:30 if not moderately past this time.

Again, as soon as we’ve executed on the setup/s, we’re then free to walk away, removing the common problem of mis-managing and tampering with positions which sabotages most new traders’ results and profitability. The strategies solve this issue entirely.

We trade the swing-edges in the evenings, outside of the work-day, and each takes between fifteen and thirty minutes or so in regards to scanning the markets to identify the setup/s we look for, before executing and walking away. Again, as soon as we’ve executed on the setup/s, we’re then free to walk away, removing the above issue entirely.

Could you confirm at exactly what time you trade the four strategies each day?

Certainly. As a realtime example, lets take this morning’s trades, Friday September 13th, and I’ll share exact entry time/s and exit time/s with you:

– We executed at UK 07:05am via the DAX edge, banking +1.8R and hitting target at UK 07:55am, within just fifty minutes.

– We also executed at UK 07:05am via the GBPUSD edge, banking +2.5R and hitting target at UK 07:50am, within just forty five minutes.

From there, we were done for the day via these strategies with just the two trades-taken with, yes, just five minutes of ‘work’, and with +4.3R banked, growing our account by +8.6% at 2% risk per-trade.

*As the strategies are mechanical and rule-based, you’re also able to fact-check the above as soon as you have the rules for either strategy as black and white proof that both took place exactly as-noted*

In regards to the Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar strategy, we trade this via the D1 timeframe in most cases, and place our orders for these trades in the evening. I manually scan the markets and rarely spend more than fifteen minutes identifying opportunities and placing my orders for these trades. This can be done at anytime within the last three to four hours of the session.

That said, this strategy can be applied to all markets and all timeframes and can therefore be traded at any time within any given trading session, meaning it’s an extremely time-efficient approach to the markets.

In regards to the D1 Swing strategy, we trade this by executing on either the open or the close of the market where we’ve identified a setup. As an example, if we’re given an entry-signal on lets say a UK equity market that opens at either the open [UK 08:00] or the close [UK 16:00] before walking away entirely.

That said, this strategy can also be applied to all markets and all timeframes and can therefore be traded at any time within any given trading session, meaning it’s another extremely time-efficient approach to the markets.

What exactly do you mean, ‘Day-Edge’ and ‘Swing-Edge’?

A day-edge is a strategy that gives us one or more setup/s per-day, and these trades in most cases resolves on the same day we take the trade. A swing-edge is a strategy that may only give us one single setup per-day, and yet this trade may take – In the case of the Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar strategy – Between one or two days to a week or so to resolve, and – In the case of the D1 Swing strategy – Between one or two weeks to into the months to resolve.

Which of the strategies would you recommend, and why?

A great question and to answer this let me begin by explaining why I trade all four strategies combined, this being because doing so aids diversification, reduces drawdown and increases account-growth.

What I mean by this is, let’s say we solely trade one strategy and this strategy has a down-week or a down-month. By only trading the one strategy, we’re subjected to this drawdown, but by combining strategies and trading these across alternate uncorrelated markets we often find that where one strategy under-performs, another over-performs and vice versa, reducing drawdown if not avoiding this completely, and in-turn, increasing account-growth.

This is the reason why very few professional traders only trade one strategy alone. Strategy diversification is essential.

To answer the question more specifically though, which strategy or strategies you choose would depend on the time you have available to trade each day. Are you able to monitor the market for our setup on the open in the morning at UK 07:00 and until this forms? If so, you’d be able to apply the day-edges with ease. Similarly, are you available towards the end of the day to identify the swing setups and apply these? Again, if so, you’d be able to apply the swing-edges with ease, and vice versa.

Are the strategies completely ‘set and forget’?

That’s correct. Each of the four strategies are completely mechanical, rule-based setups. We follow the rules to a tee and after taking a trade, we walk away, completely removing the common problem of mis-managing and tampering with positions which sabotages most new traders’ results and profitability. The strategies solve this issue entirely.

How long will it take me to make back the money I’ll be investing in myself?

The amount of profit you’ll make on a trade-by-trade basis will be based on your account-size and the risk you place on each trade.

In the past though, I’ve had traders make back the money that they invested in themselves within as little as one day, if not their very first trade…

Vau, who’s feedback is below, did just that;

…although Colin, who’s feedback is below, took slightly longer;

…and Matt, who’s feedback is below, grew his account by +9% within an hour of downloading the strategy guides and making a start;

…and Nick, who’s feedback is below, grew his trading account by a huge +11% and +6.4R without a single losing trade on week one;

…there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from doing the same.

Exactly how many trades are taken via the four strategies on an average day?

• Via the GBPUSD strategy we’re presented with one single setup per-day, and we take just one trade via this setup.

• Via the DAX strategy we’re also presented with one single setup per-day, yet within this approach we take two trades via this setup, taking a second trade if our first is stopped-out.

• Via the D1 Swing strategy we’re presented with multiple setups per-day across all markets, and we’re free to execute on as many of these as we’d like to.

• Via the Higher-Timeframe Bias Bar strategy we’re presented with multiple setups per-day across all markets, and we’re free to execute on as many of these as we’d like to.

I understand that the two swing strategies can be applied to all markets, but can the DAX and GBPUSD strategies be applied to other markets, too?

That’s correct. Whilst I apply these strategies specifically to DAX and GBPUSD myself – That being because these are markets that they perform at their best within – The setups can certainly be carried into other markets.

As an example, I’ve worked with traders who have applied the GBPUSD strategy to cryptocurrencies and other European currency markets, and with traders who have applied the DAX strategy to other indexes and also commodities.

It’s also not uncommon for traders to see inside my edges and the setups that I use to capitalise on these and then use this knowledge and insight to uncover their own edges and build their own strategies in the future.

Do you offer a trade-alert service, a chat-room or a live-room?

I don’t, no.

Reason being, my intention via sharing my strategies is to help you gain both profitable sources of edge that you’ll use to build your trading account, and more importantly independence, rather than leaving your trading career fully-reliant on someone else’s skillset going forward.

By learning my strategies, you’ll gain a complete understanding of the edges that I trade and with the rules in-hand all you’ll need to do is follow these, meaning you will never need to rely on someone providing trade-calls and will never be forced to sit fixed to a fast-paced live-room throughout every trading session ever again, putting you miles ahead of all the other traders who rely on these services immediately.

…not to mention the subscription fees that you’ll save on over the rest of your trading career.

I’ve been scammed in the past by traders who made huge claims but didn’t deliver…

What proof can you provide that your strategies genuinely perform?

I constantly strive to remain as open and transparent as possible and in an effort to do this I regularly do the following;

– I physically trade my strategies live and in real-time, screen-recording myself doing so and then sharing these live-trade videos via my YouTube channel and Twitter feed.

– I regularly [and am always happy to] share my trade record/s showing genuine trades taken including exactly where we got in, where we got out, the date, the time, everything, black and white proof of performance.

– I regularly share deal-tickets directly from my broker [typically just minutes after closing trade/s out] via my Twitter feed in realtime.

– I have and continue to live-tweet trades before executing on them, even tweeting throughout the position/s, and then again in real-time as I close these out.

– I also recently hosted the DAXMasters live-room for a week, calling my DAX strategy trades to room members in realtime, and I even followed this up with a blog post containing screenshots from the room itself along with mapping and outlining one of the trades that we took together.

…their feedback speaks for itself;

I’m also happy to have received and to be able to share consistent positive feedback from all of the traders who’ve joined me in trading the strategies through previous years.

This feedback which can be found both above, and on the ‘Join My Community’ and the ‘Need My Help?’ pages of this site.

I also offer a 100% money-back guarantee with every package making your purchase entirely risk-free. Simply put, you either trade the strategy/s and achieve profitability, or your money back.

To go further still, if you are unhappy for whatever reason I’ll not only refund you in-full as-per refund policy, but I’ll also continue to work with you and support you going forward at no extra cost. Your success and results are the priority.

When I place an order for one of your packages, what happens next? What will I receive?

As soon as you’ve completed your order and have checked-out via the site, your chosen package and strategy resources will be Emailed to you instantly and will be waiting in your inbox, ready for you to make a start right away.

The resources within each package include a detailed strategy guide/s that will walk you through exactly how the strategy/s works, the edge itself, where this was found and how it was built, the rules we follow and the setup we identify, along with a detailed supporting statistics document inclusive of exact trades-taken with exact entry point/s, entry time/s etc, so that you’re able to re-run past trades and see the edge/s playing out in realtime.

I’ve also included two added valuable resources at no additional cost. These include an in-detail training webinar that will show you exactly how I identify sources of edge and build viable, profitable strategies around these so that you can learn the skillset needed to do the same, along with an in-detail training manual on the subject of journaling, plus a copy of my trade journal that you’ll be able to print out and use.

If I purchase one of the packages, let’s say the Gold [three-strategies] package, am I able to upgrade to a higher package later i.e. the Platinum [four strategies] package to add in the fourth strategy at a later date?

Whilst I don’t offer package upgrades, you will receive a complimentary 10% off voucher code upon checkout, whichever package you’ve choose, and you’re able to use this discount code for any future orders as a helping-hand and a Thank You for continuing to work with me.

Are you able to recommend an appropriate starting-balance for my trading account?

Unfortunately, no. Whilst some may be comfortable starting with ‘x’, others may prefer to begin with ‘y’ and others may prefer to begin with ‘z’. This decision is entirely personal to you, your savings, your income, your circumstances, etc.

I’m ready to make a start. Where do I download the strategy guides?

Please visit the ‘Learn My Strategies’ page, and you’ll find the packages that I offer mid-way down the page. As soon as you’ve completed checkout the relevant strategy resources will be instantly Emailed to you automatically.

Please select whichever package you feel would add the most value for you, select which of the strategies you’d like to join me in trading, and I’ll look forward to welcoming you to the community.