Do My Strategies Work?

I recently received messages from an individual on the subject of whether I’m a ‘real’ trader, whether I trade at all, and if my strategies work. In this post I’d like to answer these questions.

If you’ve followed me online from the start – Before I ever even had a website or a YouTube channel, when I solely traded and shared my trades, charts, etc – You’ll know that I never even intended on sharing my strategies. Doing so stemmed from simply being asked to do so. I also shared them for free for a while first, before one trader actually *asked to pay me, because he took so much value from what I shared. This was the start of me sharing them.

If you know me personally and have for a while, you’ll know that I was struggling with isolation and loneliness after beginning to work from home, and you’ll know that my way out of this was beginning a Twitter account and trying to build a community. Without sharing a huge story here, as a people-person, helping others genuinely provides fulfilment and happiness for me.

In regards to whether my strategies work, firstly if this wasn’t the case then sharing them would be unethical and is just not something I could live with doing. Again, those who know me personally know for a fact that I would never do this. Secondly, if I weren’t actually a trader, would I consistently have been trading live for into the years, having the statements to prove this, even right up to Thursday just gone’s session? As we all know, statements are only issued when live trades are placed on the day;

In regards to my ‘not trading’, all you have to do is simply scan back through my Twitter stream to see me sharing live-trade videos, sharing deal-tickets directly from my broker the same day and in many cases just minutes after closing out the trades noted and calling trades live in real-time, and even going as far as to tweet throughout these, along with sharing the resolution to these, etc. A person who is not a trader simply would not and could not do this.

Not only that but I am completely transparent in regards to both winning and losing trades, as seen in the below tweet;

I also hosted a live-room earlier this year in which I traded throughout the week physically calling my trades in realtime to the room members, using the exact strategy rules that I share.

There’s just no way that I’d accept to do this if I couldn’t trade and if I didn’t have strategies that work;

More specifically though, I believe the comments that the individual made stem from incorrect trade data from within the spreadsheets that I’ve shared in the past, and before I go any further I’d like to absolutely admit that I have without a doubt incorrectly logged data on occasion, as I do this by-hand and by-eye. I’d be amazed if there’s a human being out there who stares at spreadsheets for up to ten if not more hours per-day that hasn’t done the same.

If you joined me in trading any of my strategies before roughly May-June this year, you’ll only have received trade outcomes on the spreadsheets that I’ve shared. Not adding exact trade parameters was for simplicity, though I did find that this caused confusion for some. As all who’ve joined me post June-July will know, I now include these on all of the spreadsheets that I provide i.e. Exact entry-price, exact entry-time, exact stop-loss placement, etc, as black and white indisputable proof of performance.

If you aren’t sure that this is true, please see the below, though I have blurred these parameters out to stop those without the strategies from mapping these;

As of here, I also added a fixed stop-loss. 1-point plus spread via the DAX strategy, and 1-pip via the GBPUSD strategy. For most this won’t make a difference as you – And I – Were already doing this, though I would like to apologise for wrongly presuming that this was common knowledge.

I implemented this when I found that some traders were placing very large stop-losses without an understanding as to why. On this subject, for those who struggled with stop-loss placement I’d like to apologise for not making this mechanical enough for you. I do at-times forget that on occasion I’m working with newer traders rather than those who’ve been trading for some time, and I’m happy to say – Based on feedback – That this adjustment has now removed this issue.

The traders that I’ve worked with also regularly comment on this level of transparency. In fact I received a comment on the topic just a few days days ago;

It’s also been said that I ‘only share trades from winning periods’. I don’t have to tell anyone that this is completely false as the very first thing I ever do for traders interested in joining me in trading my strategies is share my *entire* trades-taken spreadsheet, showing every single trade-taken, both wins and losses, as shown above [as proven above].

As you can see, I share *exactly when a trade was taken, the exact entry-price, the exact entry-time, the exact mechanical outcome, etc. These do of course also show both winning trades, losing trades, winning runs and losing runs. Complete and utter transparency with nothing to hide. If you join me in trading lets say my DAX strategy, you receive the above and can re-run these trades immediately finding that the strategy is profitable and does work as-stated.

These trades do not and can not change as the strategies are of course mechanical and rule-based. Using these spreadsheets and these parameters, you’re literally able to remap every trade provided by any and all of the strategies that I trade and that I share as, again, black and white indisputable proof of performance.

If you aren’t sure that this is true, please see the below feedback;

In regards to the strategies ‘being false’ and ‘not working’, again, this is simply not true. Lets strip this back to common sense again; If this were the case, there is no way on earth that I’d risk my own money trading them, there is no way I’d be able to trade them live via screen-recording using the exact rules that I share, and there is no way I’d have helped a huge number of traders to gain consistent profitability by trading them.

These peoples feedback is available in many places online, including my YouTube channel [within the ‘feedback’ videos], via my Twitter channel, my website, etc, and I receive this on a regular basis. I’ve also made a point of leaving the date-stamps and time-stamps public and uncovered and earlier on I even left their contact details public.

What ‘scammer’ would leave public contact info, allowing people to literally follow-up with these people?

If you aren’t sure that this is true, please see the below feedback of which I’ve left Paul’s contact info public for all to see;

You’ll also note via the above that another trader, Tanzin, has taken it upon himself to share his feedback from having worked with me, again leaving him publicly open to be contacted.

I also literally share the contact info for a huge handful of the traders I’ve worked with whenever I’m asked, so that people can speak to these traders and confirm that the strategies work, confirm that they’re consistently trading profitably, and confirm who I am along with the level of support that I provide, etc.

To return quickly to the topic of the strategies ‘providing negative returns’ and many, many losing trades, if this is the case then you now have a profitable strategy by placing your stop-loss where my target is placed, and your target where my stop-loss is placed. If the strategies don’t work, doing the reverse and fading me will of course reverse this and mean many, many winning trades.

Going forward;

Going forward, for additional transparency I’ll be launching a live-room from the start of next year where community members will be able to sit with me whilst we trade the strategies together, and I’ll be sharing my trades taken via the strategy rules in realtime, i.e. I’ll share an update the second that I take a trade, sharing exact parameters, the exact resolution, etc.

I’ll also be providing a question and answer session throughout. I’m sure you’ll agree that a fraudulent trader could never and would never offer this.

In the above I haven’t shared an opinion, I’ve shared facts and proof in the most honest and transparent way possible. Please though, do not trust me. Trust the traders that I’ve helped to achieve profitability.

Their success and feedback speaks for itself;

For those currently working with me, I look forward to continuing to provide the absolute best support possible, the fastest and most detailed and helpful responses possible, and to continuing to watch you build your trading accounts via the strategies that we trade together.

For those unsure about whether to work with me, I hope that the above addresses any queries and answers any questions.

– William.