You Can’t Fake A Live-Room…

One thing I hate about this business is the fakes and the fraudsters, the scammers and the charlatans, masquerading their ‘technical analysis’ as viable, profitable strategies when all these ‘strategies’ do is teach the same old trend lines, the same old support and resistance, the same old indicators…

Nothing new, and nothing that genuinely provides profitable, statistically-proven sources of edge, as my own strategies do.

But to this day, even after physically trading my edges live, in real-time over at my Youtube channel, even after literally sharing screen-shots of my trade journal showing genuine trades taken including exactly where I got in, where I got out, the date, the time, everything, black and white proof of performance, I’m still asked on occasion to prove myself and my strategies…

In my mind, there was only one thing left that I could possibly do to prove my being genuine;

There was only one thing left to do to prove that my strategies deliver profitable results, and that was to trade live, in-front of an audience of traders, calling trades to them in real-time…

…and this is exactly what I did yesterday morning.

Talk about putting myself and my strategy/s on the spot.

So what’s the story?

I was approached a short while ago by Sat from the DAX Masters live-room to let me know that their trader – Amit – Was going to be away on holiday during the coming week, and asking if I’d put myself on the spot and whilst not sharing the in’s and out’s of my strategies, would simply call my trades to their members within the room, live, as I executed.

I jumped at the chance, said Yes, and around came Monday morning. I entered the room thirty minutes before the open, introduced myself, and as usual, sat waiting for my mechanical DAX strategy setup to form, telling me to take a trade.

By the way, if you aren’t already aware of how I trade – That being mechanically, by using rule-based strategies – Click here.

A few minutes after the open, I was given my first trade. I called this to the room, and took a -1R loss just a few minutes later.

No biggie, losses happen, and they’re always capped at -1R.

A few minutes later, my second and final trade – As I only take two entries per-day via my DAX edge – Presented itself, and came with a hell of a profit-target to boot.

We were aiming to bank +81 points and a huge +5.8R if we were right, so I executed and called the trade, live and in real-time, to the room members;

In we went, with both my money and my reputation on the line, in front of a room of traders all putting both their trust and their hard-earned money on the line with me.

What happened next?

…the trade headed for target, approached +4R and stalled. Nothing. Consolidation, a slow grind sideways, right between entry and target.

Just a few times each year the DAX strategy doesn’t reach target on the day and leaves us waiting in anticipation overnight. This, the one day I trade in front of a room full of people, turns out to be one of those days.

I let the room know the plan, and close Skype for the day.

The next morning as I open my broker to see how the market moved overnight, I found the worst – The position has crawled back upwards towards our entry, fast-approaching our stop-loss, and currently sitting at just +0.2R in open-profit, a far cry from the just over +4R we’d reached the day before and miles away from our target.

But, as ever, the strategy is mechanical and I confirm this with the traders in the room. “All we need to do is follow the rules. No moving to break-even, no adjusting our stop-loss or our target. We sit tight and let our trades conclude without acting on emotion”.

See, most traders would’ve snapped by now. In fact, a few traders did. Some panicked and took +2R, some panicked just before the close on the first day and took +3R, some moved to break-even and were taken out of the trade with nothing during the retracement on day two, and this is exactly why mechanical strategies are so profitable;

Mechanical strategies remove the need to do the above entirely. They remove all of the stumbling blocks that hold so many traders back…

…if you can follow the rules, that is.

So, what happened next? …free-fall.

After taking us back into negative territory, and almost stopping us out, the DAX ran South and never looked back, hitting our take-profit and rewarding both myself and the the other traders who stood-firm and traded the edge with a huge, huge winning trade.

+5.8R and +81 points banked, in one trade.

It was great share this with the members of the room, and as our take-profit was hit, in came their feedback;

As you can see, it was not an easy ride, but as ever, process provided results and those who acted on emotion, who acted on fear and greed, who failed to manage risk, either took a small win, or no win whatsoever, missing out on a huge account-gain because of their use of discretion.

…sound familiar?

The thing is though;

As the strategy is mechanical and rule-based, anyone with the rules saw this trade setup and was told by the strategy exactly where to enter short, exactly where to put their stop-loss and exactly where to put their target, banking the win when we got there.

Yes, if you had the strategy you’d have taken this exact trade with me, with the traders in the room and with the other traders who’re trading the strategy.

Listen, I’ve been there in regards to the above mistakes, I’ve made all the mistakes in the book, but if I could tell you one thing that will undoubtedly change your trading for the better, it’s this;

Remove the stumbling blocks, implement a proven process, consistently, and you will achieve consistent profitability.

It’s all that’s required.

If you’re losing money, you’re doing something wrong, and from my experience in working with hundreds of traders now from around the world, the problems tend to stem from the use of discretion, acting on either emotion, or on best-guesses, predictions, and ‘feel’.

Imagine removing all of the stumbling blocks, all of the hurdles that’ve held you back and consistently lost you money so far…

What impact would that have on your trading?

I have good news for you; You can, by learning and implementing statistically-proven mechanical strategies that provides edge and come with a simple set of rules to follow.

Doing so is the reason I trade profitably, consistently, full-time from home today, and if I can do it – I’m nothing special – Then so can you.

…and it’s not just me, either.

Nic, who’s feedback is below, grew his account by +31% within just two short months of trading my DAX and GBPUSD strategies, and even with a modest £10,000 account, that’s an additional £3,100.00 added to his bank account, in eight weeks…

If he can do it, by doing nothing but repeatedly following a simple set of rules, and not deviating from them, why can’t you?

…and if Jack can trade the DAX setup before leaving for work in the morning, and have profit in the bank by the time he arrives at work, what is it that’s stopping you from doing the same?

If you’d like to change your trading, finally putting an end to the losing money, to the making best-guesses, to falling over the same old hurdles and continuing to go around in circles, running on the retail-hamster wheel, click here and let’s change your trading for the better.

– William.

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