The +410.7 Pip USDJPY Short Trade

I’m writing today about one of the trades I’m asked about most via Twitter and Email, that being the giant +410.7 pip and +8.21R short trade that my D1 Swing strategy handed over at the start of the year.

I live-tweeted the trade throughout the week it took place, from just after execution, through the trade and right up to closing the trade out on Jan 3rd, when I shared my deal-ticket directly from my broker, IG.

So, how did the trade come about?

As usual, I manually scanned through the major currency pairs looking for the D1 Swing setup. I spotted this within a few minutes via USDJPY and took the trade without any hesitation, second-guessing, or time wasted.

I managed risk, executed, and walked away.

A few days later, the position had began running in our favour and never looked back. Within just below a week we were up approx. +150 pips and looking good, with no exit-signal in sight and nothing to do but sit on our hands.

As we passed Christmas and moved into our second week holding the trade, there was still no looking back for the trade as price continued to dive. There’s no better feeling than seeing your edge play out in the form of a trade of this size and as usual, there was nothing to do but to stay patient whilst awaiting our exit-signal.

Finally, the exit signal presented itself as we saw USDJPY take a plunge just a few days into the New Year, and out we came with a huge +410.7 pips and +8.21R.

There’s only one thing better than starting the year by closing out a trade of this size, and that’s receiving a message such as the below in my Twitter inbox in the hours following;

Matt joined me on the trade after learning the strategy, banking above +£10,000 on the one position alone. Talk about starting the year on a high.

…and as the strategy is mechanical and rule-based, anyone else with the strategy rules would’ve taken the exact same trade alongside myself and Matt.

Want to learn the strategy? Click here.

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