If I Would’ve Acted On Emotion, I’d Have Missed Today’s +6.1R $DAX Trade

…thankfully, I didn’t.

Here’s the story, here’s what happened;

This morning, following the open, I was looking at this;

The market was, in my opinion, screaming “get short”. We’d failed to make a new high, we were in a consistent down-trend following yesterday’s huge down-day, we’d retraced slightly overnight which usually signals a continuation, and so on, and so on, and so on.

All the signs, from a ‘guessing’ perspective, from a discretionary perspective, from a ‘trying to read and predict the market’ perspective were shouting “get short”.

…but the problem I had?

My statistically proven $DAX edge triggered a buy signal, when this happened;

At this point, my mechanical rules said “Get long”.

“Wait” I said to myself, anxiously, “I’m buying into this monumental down-move?”. Every ounce of my being was saying; “No, skip this one today, Will. Stand aside. Look at the market for God’s sakes. Do not buy this market, look at it!”.

But my edge –

My statistically proven edge, that’s backed up by rigorous black and white data that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this very setup provides wins that’ve been as high as +16.2R

– Said to buy the market.

…and what’s more, the stop-distance given to us was a tiny 7 points, with a target of almost +60 points away.

Again, I thought to myself, am I really buying into a market that yesterday fell by hundreds of points, and is in every single area that I can identify saying get short?

I took a breath…

…and I reminded myself of what’s got me to where I am today, and is the reason I now trade full-time, and that’s this;

I have a statistically proven source of edge, and a set of crystal clear, black and white rules in place that allow me to capitalise on this edge.

All I need to do is follow the rules.

…so that’s exactly what I did. I executed and got long.

What happened next?

We shot to target, banking a monumental +6.1R win in a single hour, growing our account by +6.1%

This is why I trade mechanically.

This is why I remove all of the guessing, the predicting, the worrying and the emotion from trading, because acting on this noise, this nonsense, rarely delivers profits, and hell, it’s even rarer that it delivers trades the size of +6.1R without any ‘work’ whatsoever, not to mention the +7.2R we had just five sessions ago.

We’re now five weeks into the year and are just under +20R up by doing nothing but following a simple set of rules.

My point is this;

No-one can predict the market, and yet this is exactly what the vast majority attempt to do, and they wonder why they consistently lose money.

Why struggle? Why waste the time and the energy that comes with getting caught up in the worrying and the anxiety that attempting to predict without a clear process or framework brings, when a mechanical edge delivers astoundingly better results with literally none of the trouble?

A mechanical edge frees you from the worry, the stress, the anxiety and the panic that trading with discretion forces on you.

I’m sure many traders had losing days today as they tried to ‘read’ and ‘feel’ where the DAX would head. We did none of that.

We waited for our entry signal, executed, and profited.

…and that’s all that we ever need to do.

What impact would an edge that could finally free you from all of the roadblocks that’ve held you back so far –

The guessing, the predicting, the worrying, the stress, the anxiety, and all of the other hurdles that discretionary strategies leave blocking your path

– have on your trading?

If you’d like to completely remove all of the above, all of the things that hold back the consistently losing majority, and you feel you’d benefit from trading a statistically proven strategy using a clear set of rules;

I can help.


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