Trading Is Just Like… Going To The Gym?

Think about it…

So many people go to the gym, yet very few ever see significant, lasting results. They might lose a little weight, but it’s all soon put back on. They might gain a little muscle, but it’s all soon gone again.

The problem is, they have unrealistic expectations of what’s possible.

…and no plan or process in place, which is strange because, much like in trading, that is all you need to succeed;

Realistic expectations, a plan, and a tried, tested, proven process to follow.

We know, from a simple, logical perspective that if we follow a meal-plan and exercise regularly that, over time, we’ll lose weight, build muscle and achieve our dream body.

We also know, from a simple, logical perspective, that if we follow a trading plan with consistency, along with trading a statistically proven strategy, we’ll trade successfully over the long-term and finally achieve our dream of trading profitably.

At the gym though, much like in a new traders’ trading account, it takes time for the results to appear and become tangible…

After a month… nothing.

Two months? …nothing.

Three months? …still nothing, and then it happens;

“I quit, I can’t do this. I can’t keep this up. I’m not seeing any results and I’ve sweated it out for three months?! Four months?!”

…and you give in, when results were only a meal-plan and another month or two of hard work away. It’s all over. Yet again, another dream falls by the wayside.

How much more of your valuable time are you going to have to waste, and how much more of your hard-earned money are you going to have to lose to the markets before you say enough is enough and put a trading plan and a proven strategy in-place?

…simply put, it’s all you need.

The freedom from the rat-race, the ability to make money on your own terms, to live life without having someone controlling the days and the hours that you work, the luxuries that you’re missing out on; It’s all waiting.

It’s interesting because, deep down in side of us all, we know for an absolute matter of fact that trading profitably is possible. But again, only with realistic expectations, a plan, and tried, tested, proven strategies to follow.

In the gym or in your trading;

You know success is possible, you know the dream can become a reality, so ask yourself those crucial, all-important questions, because these answers will tell you exactly whether you’re headed for success and dreams achieved, or failure, yet again;

  • Do I have realistic expectations?
  • Do I have a trading plan in place *that I follow, win or lose* on a daily basis?
  • Do I have a statistically proven strategy in place that provides edge, and *that I follow, win or lose* on a daily basis?

If the answers to the above questions are yes;

Congratulations. You’re either trading profitably now, or you’re very much headed towards profitability. Keep up the focus and the consistency.

If the answers to the above questions are no; 

Admit it to yourself, you know the reason you aren’t achieving success. You know the reason you aren’t moving towards your dream of trading profitably, and it’s because you don’t have the above in place.

…whether you do anything about it or not, well, that’s on you.

Don’t be the person who goes to the gym for a month, doesn’t see results and quits…

Be the person who decides, this is it. Don’t allow your dreams to remain dreams any longer. Do what you know you have to;

  • Learn a statistically proven strategy that provides edge.
  • Put a plan in place, and follow this plan no matter what.
  • Gain consistency and remain focused, stay the course, and achieve the dream of trading profitably.

…it really is as simple as that.

Food for thought – William.


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