A Recent $IGC Day Trade [Video]

$IGC (Long) Entry: 637.88, Exit: 725.46

In a video I’ve just shared on my YouTube channel, along with fully explaining my strategy for day trading US equities, I also walk you through a recent trade, $IGC or India Globalisation Capital Inc.

The setup couldn’t have been simpler; A gap up on a news catalyst, consolidation followed by a break outside of the consolidation on increased volume. From there, all I did was execute, ride the wave, trail my stop behind the lows and exit at a profit an hour or so into the trade.


If you have the time to watch my recent video and learn the strategy, you’ll find that although our criteria isn’t met on a daily basis and opportunities are limited, when our criteria is met and we are presented with a setup, these trades are extremely high-probability and to make them even more appealing, we’re also able to keep our risk small and when we’re right, we’re rewarded in abundance.

If you have any questions, need help with the above strategy or anything else, please feel free to Email me.

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